The Om Space

The Om Space
The Om Space
185/9, Havelock Rd,
Colombo – 05,
Sri lanka.
+94 112 507515
+94 750 783383
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The Om Space
About Us

he Om Space is a bright, breezy sanctuary in Colombo 5 which holds 15+ yoga classes every week.

Teachers, all internationally trained and certified, teach a range of styles including Sivananda, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini, kids yoga, yoga for sports as well as pre-natal yoga.

Also on offer: Reiki, Reflexology and Singing Bowl Massage, all part of the suite of services to soothe mind body and spirit.

The Om Space is owned and run by British-born-Sri-Lankan yoga teacher, Serena Burgess and her mum, Mohanie Ahangama, an experienced reiki practitioner and owner of Pulse Beat Gym.

The space, fully equipped with changing rooms, showers and lockers, can fit up to 20 yoga mats for each class. Clad in turquoise and white, the chic interiors were lovingly decorated by Burgess, from upholstering chairs to hand-painting upcycled lockers.

Our Services

Yoga Classes in the following styles

For all levels

Ashtanga Vinyasa – A dynamic class in the Ashtanga tradition. A good cardio workout.

Hatha – A multi-level class of yoga postures to stretch, strengthen and bring peace of mind.

Hatha for Beginners – For those new to yoga, postures for strength, flexiblity and peace of mind. Also great if you’re returning to yoga after some time, or recovering from an injury.

Hatha Intermediate – For students who have been practising yoga for some time and want a challenge. Postures to stretch, strengthen and bring peace of mind.

Kundalini – Works on your nervous system and glands using rhythmic asana (yoga poses), mantra (chanting), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. Will leave you buzzing & refreshed.

Kundalini Meditation – As above, focussing on meditation.

Radiant Kids – Using story, asana (yoga poses), rhythm and song, this class improves children’s self-esteem, co-ordination, concentration and helps them relax.

Restorative – A relaxing stretch to calm & de-stress. Ideal if you just want to unwind. Also suits the elderly and those recovering from injuries. Uses yoga props like bolsters, pillows and blankets to support the body.

Vinyasa Flow – Vinyasa means “breath-synchronised movement.” A multi-level class of smoothly flowing yoga postures to stretch and strengthen using the power of your breath.

Yoga for 3 to 5s – Fun, uplifting yoga for little ones. Introduce them to basic yoga postures and philosophy incorporating song and dance.

Yoga for 6 to 11s – Fun, uplifting yoga for young ones. Furthering their learning of basic yoga postures and philosophy incorporating song and dance.

Yoga for Pregnancy – Pre-natal yoga classes for expecting mums. Breathing exercises and relaxing stretches to relieve symptoms as well as to prepare the body and mind for childbirth. (Note only suitable for those who are 14+ weeks pregnant)

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