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Snackings (Pvt) Ltd
About Us
The Snackings (Pvt) Ltd laid its foundation in 1998 in Kundasale, Kandy, Sri Lanka, as a manufacturer of PET Preforms & Bottles with one set of blow and injection moulding machine. Ever since then Quality has remained the backbone of the company. Due to our faith and belief in Quality, Snackings today supplies to various multi-national & national companies who go through stringent quality tests only to come to the conclusion that; if a superior product is desired Snackings is the only way to go.

Today the Company has over 15 machines including HUSKY, ASB, SIDEL & MAG among others. Being obsessed with innovative ideas and cost cutting our customers always remain one step ahead of their competition; the company celebrates market leadership in various along with an envious global presence.

Our vast product range is made up of items that were unheard of at the time of launch in Sri Lanka. We continue to bring and initiate the manufacture of these products into the country to increase awareness and improve the standard of living in Sri Lanka. Due to this culture, we also have vast experience in the industry and always have the ability to provide our customers with the best knowledge and guidance required in relation to the products.

With multiple manufacturing locations and corporate offices, we have learnt that the only way to be successful& profitable in business via customer satisfaction and mutual benefit. We continue to grow with regular investments and constantly move ahead in the true spirit of enterprise and excellence.

The company owes it birth and success to Mr. Muthiah Prabagaran. With his leadership and advice, resulting from more than 10 years of experience in the industry and as the Managing Director, the company has reached new heights and considered to be pioneers of the Pet industry in Sri Lanka.

Products and Services
Mineral Water Bottles and Preforms

Products: still and carbonated spring water, mineral water, flavored or functional water.
Main requirements for bottling still natural water are hygiene and pure taste preservation. Hygiene is particularly important for flavored and functional water.

The main requirements of a mineral water container are:

Attractive packaging and unique shapes design for strong product identity & visibility
Lightweight packaging. Find the best compromise between extreme light-weight and mechanical resistance to support filling line handling, storage and transportation
Ergonomic shapes to improve grip of consumers
Big convenience sizes

PET is the preferred packaging material, it is light-weight, transparent, unbreakable, can be easily customized into a wide variety of shapes and offers good aroma barrier.

Fruit Juice PET Bottles (Normal & Hot-Fill)

These non-carbonated drinks are sensitive products to microbiological spoilage. These product have to be pasteurized before going to the filler unit in the beverage processing area. To avoid re-contamination during the filling and capping process there are basically four solutions: addition of chemical shelf life enhancers which chemically exclude bacteria growth (preservatives) ; hot-filling ; pasteurization tunnel; cold aseptic filling. According to their pH, above products are divided between low acid (pH > 4.5) and high acid (pH < 4.5). The vulnerability of products to be filled is directly related to its pH value. The lower the pH value the smaller the environment for bacterial growth. All products with a pH value between pH 0 and pH 4.3 can easily be "decontaminated" by heat treatment. Products with pH values over 4.3 are more safely bottled in aseptic conditions. The main requirements of a container for juices and isotonic(non-pressurized) drinks are:

Oxygen barrier (for some products)
UV and visible light barrier (for some products)
Ultra Clean or Aseptic bottles
Heat resistant bottles (Hot-Fill Bottles)

Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) PET Bottles

Products: soft drinks with a certain level of carbonation (from 2 vol. to 4.5 vol. of CO2).

There are no special requirements for bottling carbonated soft drinks, while it is very important to optimize the manufacturing process of a CSD bottle (preform project – process) to reach physical-mechanical characteristics required by the product.
The main requirements of a carbonated soft drink container are:

Preserve CO2 level inside the packaging. This is important especially for small size containers.
Reduced bottle expansion due to internal pressure (Shape keeping)
Burst and drop resistance
Shape and bottom designed to resist high internal pressure (creep and burst resistance)
Reduce bottle weight while assuring bottle stability

Cosmetic PET Bottles

Products: Hair oil, Shampoo, Baby oil & other cosmetic products
These bottles are fabricated from superior grade raw material. The offered bottles are available in various beautiful shapes and capacities. The offered bottles are hygienic and are widely used for storing beauty products such as oils, ointments, creams and shampoo.

Pharmaceutical PET Bottles

Products: Pharmaceutical syrups, Vitamins, Chemicals & Medicine bottles
Fabricated from quality raw materials, our Pharma PET Bottle ensures a longer functional life. PET may not suitable for retortable containers, for this reason the use of OPP containers is more common due to its high temperature resistance. Type of neck finishes may be various and diversified depending on the final use of containers.

Bottles can require:

Vacuum resistance
Light barrier
Oxygen barrier

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