Raja Jewellers

Raja Jewellers
Raja Jewellers
173, Galle Road, Colombo 4.
Sri Lanka.
+94 112 583223 , +94 112 586949 , +94 112 595655
+94 112 595656
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Raja Jewellers
About Us
“The Gems have life in them. Their colors and sparkling beauty speak, say what words fail of”. So is the story of Raja Jewelers.

When Late Mr. E.A. Fernando took ‘the gem’ from a mine in Ratnapura in hand, he wouldn’t have thought it would come this far with shining glory. With turning it into a masterpiece of a jewelry, He established E.A. Fernando Jewellers. With enormous effort and creativity, the company stepped forward making E.A. Fernando Jewellers, a brand of first preference among Sri Lankans.

Gems are found in mines and the real beauty can be seen when they are cut and polished. Likewise, Mr. Raja Fernando, the son of Mr. E.A. Fernando inherited not only the craftsmanship but also the Entrepreneurship. Thus Mr. Raja Fernando elevated the business to next level and rebranded it as Raja Jewellers in 1962.

In 1985, the sons of Raja Fernando took over the business and registered it as Limited Liability Company under the name of Raja Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd. Ever since, with a foundation of trust, great customer service and unique qualities, it evolved to be a premium brand and now Raja Jewellers stands as the Monarch of the Gold World.

It’s amazing how far along Raja Jewellers has come with continued success. A milestone has been hit when another branch of Raja Jewellers was successfully launched in Negombo. Coming through a glorious way, now the 4th generation of Raja family is working as a team to flourish the business further, withstanding its own glory.

Our Services
Designing is a process that combines art and science together while balancing the relationship between the form and the content with an immense creativity and a high level of skill. Fulfilment of this concept is why the designs done by Raja Jewellers Design Department is sought after by people all over the globe for their uniqueness.

Using both Manual and Computer Aided Design software has taken the designs into another spectacular level. Manual designers are highly expertise and competent in their responsibility and have over 5 years of overseas experience which exposes them into latest technology and trends and enables them to give the elegant mesmerizing touch in each and every design they do. Whether the customer wants modern or traditional jewellery design, our team and their expertise delights them by presenting masterpieces with unique value and proposition.

In-house training programs and team meetings are being held to develop skills of the newly recruited designers. These provides a huge exposure and atmosphere to share the knowledge of experienced designers. Thus have helped to engrave the hearts of designers to do an extravagant design each time they design.

Raja Jewellers always welcomes customer feedback and suggestions. Because our patriotic customers are the pillars of strength that Raja jewellers has reached these impossible heights as a company that evolves with changing customer demands and wants. So the valuable design concepts and sketches from customers are always welcome and we are bound to develop them in order to meet the expectations of the customers and the level of high quality.

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