LAUGFS Car Care – Dehiwala

LAUGFS Car Care – Dehiwala
130, Galle Road,
Sri Lanka.
+94 113 588800
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LAUGFS Car Care – Dehiwala
About Us
To be the most trusted, recognized and respected solution provider in the automobile industry in Sri Lanka
We strive to provide the best quality automobile product and services through conveniently located Car Care Service Centre’s, at affordable prices by making our brand a consumers’ first choice for automobile product and service supports. Trust will be gained from consumers through the genuine support given to them by our skilled and dedicated service staff. We are committed to deliver our service values and we are proud of our customized service
Our Services
Car Wash
QUICK WASH – Body wash, and tyre dressing (15 Minutes)

DETAILED WASH – Body wash, carpet wash, glass cleaning, dash cleaning and tyre dressing (30 Minutes)

WASH & WAX – Body wash, carpet wash, glass cleaning, tyre dressing, interior vacuuming, and 3M wax (45 Minutes)

AUTO WASH – Body wash, under wash, carpet wash, glass cleaning and interior vacuuming (20 Minutes)

Auto Detailing
Exterior detailing involves the cleaning and restoring of the exterior of the automobile. This involves the vehicle’s finish, its chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tyres as well as other visible components of the vehicle. At LAUGFs Care Care, we have products and techniques specialized to deal with different surface types, surface conditions and preferences.
Our exterior detail package includes:

Body wash
Total Treatment should be considered as part of your regular maintenance. Having your car washed and waxed every three months will keep the paint in excellent condition and protect it against environmental wear and tear. At LAUGFS Care Care, we provide detailing services that restore your vehicle to near showroom quality, both on the outside and inside.

Why should you try out Detailing at LAUGFS Car Care?

We ensure the interior of your vehicle is clean and free of odour
We treat leather surfaces so they stay soft and supple
We disinfect the upholstery, carpet, glass, trim, and steering wheel
We clean hard-to-reach places like air vents, the instrument panel, shifter housing, cup holders, and glass surfaces
The trade-in value or sale price of your car increases
We restore gloss, correct fading, discolouration, oxidation, and prevent damage from environmental sources
Our detailing makes your vehicle easier to wash and maintain

Lubrication Service
LUBRICATION – We top up engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, clutch & power steering fluid up to optimal capacity or completely change it using high performance brand lubricants. .

UNDERCARRIAGE DEGREASING – We completely degrease the undercarriage of the automobile, removing accumulated oil and grit using the application of pressure washes with advanced pressure sensors.

VACUUM FLOOR / SEATS & TRUNK- – We vacuum the cabin interior, seats and trunk to ensure removal of dust and particle accumulation.

WINDSCREEN & GLASS CLEANING – Our glass treatment improves wet weather driving visibility. The treatment uses a non-streaking formula, ammonia free and safe for tinted windows. This is ideal for high humidity conditions.

TYRE & DASH DRESSING – We restore the true colour and natural gloss to the dashboard and leaves tyres looking new.

EXTERIOR WAXING – We apply a hard wax with a clear coat that produces a high-gloss finish to new or old car paint. The wax also acts as a protective layer that helps maintain the paint and protect it for longer.

VISUAL SAFETY CHECK – A detailed feedback form is issued after every full lubrication service.

Other Specialised Services
Engine Oil and Filter Change
Engine Cleaning
ATF Change
Leather Care
Corrosion Protection
Brake Fluid Change
Radiator Coolant Flush and Replacement
Fuel System Cleaning
Engine Scanning
Manual gear oil change

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LAUGFS Car Care – Dehiwala

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