KMR Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

KMR Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
KMR Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
24,Kotugodella Veediya,
Sri Lanka.
+94 812 237093 , +94 812 228642
+94 777 804171
+94 812 226622
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KMR Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
About Us
KMR Holdings( Pvt) Ltd. is a registered company in Srilanka, with its objectives to financing Private Entrepreneurs in Srilanka and the Asian region. The main objectives of *****. is to provide a financing technique tailor made to project proponents over an estimated project value of US$ 20,000,000.00, which can be described as follows; 1) Project Financing and 2) Alternate Import Financing Facility, both which requires the commitment of large amounts of capital along with accurate projections in disbursements. Unlike the conventional financing procedures that a client would normally obtain from his bank in servicing such a facility for a long extended period of time, KMR Holdings( Pvt) Ltd. offers this financing product through their Principals in Switzerland and Luxembourg termed as a “Self Financing Facility” without any recourse to repayment of the capital, no interest charged, nor any equity position requested for and in the course of the transaction until contract signature between our client and our principals no upfront or commitment fees charged whatsoever.

The concept of a financial institution making a profit without charging interest can be a difficult one to grasp for those of us specially in Srilanka as alternatives such as my offer have never presented itself to you earlier, thereby the business sector having to respond to the burden of paying high interest rates, just to have its projects conceived and pushed off the ground, all because we have been brought up in a western-style capitalistic environment. However, numerous financial products and contracts have been developed and are appearing on the market place all the time, based on a number of structures which seek to eliminate the need for interest earning, which has provided better acceptability to a larger
segment of communities the world over in enhancing further a reasonable profit for all business and industrialists concerned, therefore, be a part of it and don’t shun it away, for you can be able to set your projections for an actual profit without limitations in any sphere of business which you wish to embark upon without the fear of loosing your collateral due to non payment of interest specially in a volatile condition as present in Srilanka most of the time.


The basic what is required to get started is a Bank Guarantee preferably from a TOP European Bank or in the alternative an Asian Bank, authenticated by their corresponding bank in Europe. The Guarantee must be valid for a period of 13 months and the funds would be disbursed in 40 weeks (as an example if your requirement is for 70% of US$ 20,000,000.00 this will be disbursed in 40 weeks from the collateral reaching the counters of my principals bank) and after verification and authentication and signing of a duly notarized contract in Europe the disbursements would take effect in 14 days thereof every week for a period of 40 weeks ( weekly disbursements of US$ 350,000.00 X 40 weeks US$ 14,000,000.00 per year) and the Guarantee returned at the 12th month.

Products and Services
Suppliers of Common Commodities-Sugar,Urea,Cement,Crude Oil,Refine Petroleum Products Order Supplier. Finance Organizer,Investment Adviser.
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