D.A.Powergen Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

D.A.Powergen Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
No C/5, Elvitigala mawwata, Narahenpita, Colombo 05,
Sri Lanka.
+94 114 493552
+94 773 739065 , +94 783 862372
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D.A.Powergen Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
About Us
We would like to introduce you to generator repair and services .the most important time and money saving thing you can do with any generator is up to be maintenance, however, even with regular maintenance there may be times you need repairs. When it comes to either maintenance or repair, it s usually best to hire a professional. Look for companies who back up their work with guarantee. D.A Power gen lanka engineering services offer guarantees based on the nature of the repair. Our generator services team is capable of assisting with all your power generation requirements. For rewind and repair of all types of voltage generators form 1kva to 2000kva.
Our Services
Generator Repairs, Service and Maintenance

We offer service and maintenance plans for commercial-grade industrial generators and equipment. Using our maintenance plans allows you to extend the life of your generator and have reliable power when you need it the most. Every generator maintenance contract comes with 4 hour response as standard as well as a Major and Minor annual service visit. The following procedures and checklists to be carried out during a minor service include:

All our industry leading Generator maintenance packages include:
* 24 hour cover 365 days a year.
* Dedicated Hotline.
* Bi-Annual service .
* Fuel system checks.
* Lubricating system checks.
* Cooling system checks.
* Air Intake system checks.
* Control Panel & Instrument checks.
* Exhaust system checks.
* Engine electrical system checks.
* Alternator checks.
* Full service documentation.
* Recommendations for remedial work.

Additional Modular Maintenance options:
* Additional service visits
* Remote monitoring.
* Out of hours service visits.
* Load bank testing.

Full Service Documentation, Set Immediately After the Visit Vis Email, Or Call

Recommendations for Remedial Work or Generator Repairs. Tailored Generator Servicing Packages To Suit Your Business. A Vast Range Of Critical In Stock And Ready To Be Dispatched The Same Day In Required. All Makes and Models Can Be Dealt With Including Cummins Generator, Perkins, Danyo, Cat, Dutez, Mtu, Man, Volvo Penta, Honda. Yanmar, Yamaha. Rolls-Royce, Fg Welsion Generator And Many More. Our Own Fleet Mobile Resistive Load Banks for Load Bank Testing. We Have A Fleet of Containerized Generators Available For Long Or Short Term Hire. Our generator services team is capable of assisting with all your power generation requirements. For rewind and repair of all types of voltage generators form 1kva to 2000kva. Also we are capable of doing,

Full services include following.

* Change engine lubricating oil.
* Change engine lubricating oil filter.
* Change engine lubricating oil bypass filter, if fitted.
* Check engine oil for leaks.
* Check hydraulic governor oil level, if fitted.
* Record oil pressure : P.S.I R.P.M.

* Drain sediment from fuel tank.
* Check fuel tank breather.
* Clean out water and sediment trap.
* Change fuel filters.
* Check fuel system pipes and unions for leaks.
* Check operation of engine governor and stop controls.
* Check operation of fuel system priming pump.
* Check fuel level, inform Owner/Manager if low.

* Check coolant level and antifreeze content and top up if necessary.
* Check coolant inhibitor.
* Change coolant filter, if hours occurred.
* Check for coolant leaks.
* Check condition of hoses and clips.
* Check condition of fan belts and adjust or renew, if required.
* Check water pump and lubricate.
* Check and lubricate fan hubs and idlers.
* Check condition of radiator.
* Clean radiator fins.
* Check condition of radiator ducting and trunking.
* Check operation of block and radiator heaters.
* Check operation of ventilation automatic louvers, if fitted.
* Record engine cooling system temperatures.

* Change air filter element, if necessary.
* Clean and check air cleaner and piping for damage.
* Check turbocharger operation and condition.
* Check inlet manifold and gaskets.
* Check and tighten turbocharger outlet hose clips.

* Tighten Manifold nuts and cap screws.
* Tighten turbocharger mounting nuts.
* Check for leaks and signs of blowing.
* Check condition of silencer and piping.
* Drain moisture trap in exhaust pipe.

* Check battery electrolyte level and specific gravity, top up if necessary.
* Check condition of charging system.
* Record charging rate amps.
* Check operation of starting system.
* Check condition of wire and connectors.

* Check bearings and lubricate.
* Check communicators or slip rings.
* Examine brush gear.
* Check alternator to engine alignment.
* Check alternator to engine coupling.

* Check engine mounting bolts.
* Check engine anti-vibration mountings.
* Check operation of engine governor.
* Check and adjust engine valve clearance, if hours occurred.
* Check and clean engine crankcase, breather.
* Check engine vibration dampers.
* Lubricate all engine linkages.
* Keep generator plant room in a clean and tidy condition.

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