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Blue Ocean Residencies
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Blue Ocean Residencies
About Us
“The dynamic Blue Ocean Group of Companies, has evolved over the years to become a versatile conglomerate, and adopts an inspired namesake from the “Blue Ocean Strategy”; one that describes growth and profit. With a diverse portfolio to its name that includes its flagship brand Blue Ocean, the Group takes bold strides as it strives to uphold a reputation of ethical, innovative and constructive practices not only in Sri Lanka but in the Asia Pacific regions”.

The core business philosophy behind the Company is the “Blue Ocean Strategy”, which generally refers to “the creation by a company of a new, uncontested market space that makes competitors irrelevant and that creates new consumer value, often while decreasing costs.” In other words, creating and taking a completely new concept to the market, by lowering costs, thereby delivering an affordable product to existing and new customers, while eliminating competition.

The Group’s Chairman Mr.S. Thumilan, with his own illustrious portfolio is instrumental in the Group’s extensive diversification into spheres that include Education, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate, Corporate Consultancy, Trading, Electrical, Construction of Private Houses and Engineering Consultancy. However, “To be the most respected, ethically sound and socially responsible company,” has been the base of the entire conglomerate’s many endeavors, explains Mr. S. Thumilan. Embracing the “Blue Ocean Strategy” that describes the generation of growth and profit through innovation in a created and uncontested environment; the Group engages in its key markets in Asia Pacific, European, Middle East and East Asia regions.

Being a BOI approved company, Blue Ocean Group encompasses an umbrella solution to contractors and customers. “The sheer success of Blue Ocean is exclusively related with its breadth of services available for clients, under one roof. Because of its ubiquity, Blue Ocean is able to tailor its services to each and every specific client’s requirement both local and abroad, irrespective of location,” affirms Thumilan.

One of the Company’s indispensable assets is its highly qualified and experienced human resources including Chartered Architects, Chartered Engineers, Chartered Accountants and other professionals in related fields who have garnered extensive exposure and industry experience locally and abroad. The customers can be rest assured with high-profile skilled personnel that form the team. “In comparison with market standards; our professionals are highly capable of contributing to real value, through their competency and experience.” acknowledges Mr. Thumilan, while much emphasis is laid on the quality of work; clients are further attracted by the sheer volume of work undertaken and delivered within a scheduled time-frame.

In the backdrop of a booming property market, Mr. Thumilan notes, “where owners now experience higher appreciation of property values, the credit is due to the Government for implementing favourable policies towards the growth of the economy and in turn increased demand for property.” Through Sales and Repurchase Arrangements and with Real Estate Advisory Management the company’s objective is to make property investment a moveable liquid asset enabling investors to cash their properties at the prevailing appreciated market price whenever they wish to dispose their acquired properties.

The Group attributes its success to the solid strategic direction devised by qualified and experienced corporate planners and transparent professionalism. “As our customer base expands daily locally and globally, we at Blue Ocean Group have a strong vision to be the most respected, ethically sound and socially responsible company and I trust this vision will prevail through our achievements, whilst we will also continue to focus on acquisitions and mergers as well as strategic partnerships as a part of the overall strategic intent,” states Thumilan.

Our Services
Real Estate
Trusted Name in Real Estate

Blue Ocean Residencies offer an exclusive service on Real Estate business for individual basis or for corporate clients. When we are planning your real estate investments, we first analyze what kind of exposure to the real estate market is appropriate for your situation. Different exposures produce varying levels of risk and return. Your choice will also influence the means by which you will acquire the real estate.

When you’re looking for real estate, one of the most important criteria (aside from location) is the type of property. When considering a purchase, you need to ask yourself whether the underlying properties are, for example, residential homes, shopping malls, warehouses, office towers or a combination of any of these.

Each type of real estate has a different set of drivers influencing its performance. And to give you the best investment value, we Blue Ocean Residencies will step into every aspect of the deal to give you the best investment value in the most transparent and professional manner.
Types of Real Estate Investments

Office Property.

Offices are the “flagship” investment for many real estate owners. They tend to be, on average, the largest and highest profile property type because of their typical location in downtown cores and sprawling suburban office parks.

Retail Property

There is a wide variety of Retail properties, ranging from large enclosed shopping malls to single tenant buildings in pedestrian zones.

Industrial Property

Industrials are often considered the “staple” of the average real estate investor. Generally, they require smaller average investments, are less management intensive and have lower operating costs than their office and retail counterparts.

Multi-family Residential Property

Multi-family residential property generally delivers the most stable returns, because no matter what the economic cycle, people always need a place to live. The result is that in normal markets, residential occupancy tends to stay reasonably high.

Facility Management
Leading the Future of Facilities Management Through Innovation

Blue Ocean Group of Companies, a leading property developer, is proud to announce a tailored service designed to meet the specific needs of the discerning property purchaser.

Blue Ocean Facilities Management (Private) Limited recognizes that there is a demand for competent, responsive and above all high quality services to meet and exceed today’s varied expectations in providing facilities pertaining to proper management, maintenance, control and oversight of commercial and luxury real estate and also provide professional financial services. We believe that we will get there on the strength of our expert approach, dedicated professionalism and the unsurpassed quality of our customer service.

We have served many customers and is focused on our dedication and satisfaction of customer needs. We exclusively focus on making your real estate experience a positive one- from all sides of the transaction.

It is without doubt that first impressions gained on entering a building are strong and long lasting. Blue Ocean’s objective is to provide and maintain a cleaning service that creates an aesthetically pleasing and socially acceptable environment that meets superior high standards of cleanliness which are both sustainable in its delivery and offers value for money.

Does your home need a regular maintenance or an upgrade?

We offer you comprehensive array of services to meet your home maintenance needs. We handle everything from simple fixes to annual maintenance and home renovation services.

Our home maintenance service packages are designed to give your asset maximum performance through a schedule planned, preventive maintenance and emergency response services.

We have highly trained and skilled workforce who are dedicated to general maintenance as well as emergency repairs and regular upkeep of your facility.

Why choose Blue Ocean Facilities Management ?

An inspection is conducted, providing a baseline of your home’s condition.
We prepare you a detailed plan that helps you assess, prioritize and budget home maintenance activities.
Our Financial Specialists will meet you to discuss your requirements.
We schedule and oversee services on your behalf, keeping you informed on work progress.
Available 24/7 for any unexpected requirements.


Blue Ocean Residencies company’s goal is to meet the ever changing needs of the financial, legal, public and private sectors in a manner which embodies confidence.

Blue Ocean Residencies is empowered with in depth knowledge on real estate services and real estate market and thus can provide you an effective professional guidance in terms of investments and other related matters. Moreover, we offer value added services with proper market analysis, surveys and sales statistics with people centric services are based on the policies of honesty and integrity with timely reporting.

The core aim of the Blue Ocean Residencies in Sri Lanka is to conduct consultation on the real estate transactions in a transparent and candid way which always helps to develop long-term association with our clients and property owners. The consultancy can also help managing the real estate portfolio like corporate leasing, retail leasing, investment advisory, residential leasing and Interiors.

In recent months, the residential real estate segment has witnessed a revival in demand, primarily due to improved affordability. Several players have launched new projects in the affordable housing this segment, which has received an encouraging response. Further, the upcoming industrial clusters, improved infrastructure and growing availability of land for development in emerging tier II and tier III cities are also expected to fuel growth in the real estate sector in Srilanka.

Blue Ocean Residencies Consultancy Services also includes Appraisals for residential properties, Commercial Property Appraisals, Industrial Property Appraisals. An accurate understanding of the local real estate market is key to the success of a company both when financing new developments and managing existing real estate portfolios.

The Blue Ocean Residencies enables the client to make the best possible, more informed real estate decision.

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