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Annoyboy Pictures
Annoyboy Pictures
36/1, Sujatha Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.
+94 112 763178
+94 772 282121
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Annoyboy Pictures
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We are a Production Company handled all aspects of Film & Television media including;Feature Films,Documentaries,Music Videos,Company Profiles and TV Commercials.We are also a Professional Video Camera, Lighting Gears etc, Equipment Rental House.
Products and Services
Do you have someone watching your production budget on a day-to-day basis? Do you know how much wastage of money occurs from bad production management or lack of management? Bad planning and lack of supervision for your project can cost you additional millions! Every production day you drop behind schedule costs you hundreds of thousands of Rupees extra. Can you afford it? Let us line produce your next production. Our fee will be a fraction of the cost of what we save you in proper production management. We also do budget planning, advertising and marketing strategies for the Sri Lankan, Bollywood and Hollywood markets.

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sin City, Transformers, 300, The Wolfman, and a host of many other different movies with special effects… we can match that with no difficulty. Our VFX editors can do anything. we specialize in Motion tracking, Compositing, and all other aspects of VFX and CGI. Our team has worked for many VFX companies such as Digital Domain, Weta Digital, MPC, and Industrial Light and Magic. If you can imagine it, then we can do it… and for a fraction of the cost of doing it in Hollywood. Describe your vision to us and we will make it a reality on the screen.

We actively participate in the tele-drama industry in Sri Lanka. We are usually working with approximately half a dozen different TV productions at any given time. With the fast pace of tele-dramas today, most of which shoot one episode a day, – there is simply no room for error. Let us be your one-stop shop for tele-drama and film production needs.
Fact: Most tele-dramas end up going Over Budgt and shutting down. Let us help you with your budget, your shooting schedule, your talent, your locations, and all your post production needs. If you want to produce a tele-drama and leave nothing to chance or luck then come and talk to us. We can give you the realistic overall picture of making a successful tele-drama from “Muhurath to Money Collection”.

So, you want to make a film…? Do you know the full costs involved? There are many hidden costs, and ways in which you will sky rocket over budget if you are not an experienced professional in this field. Are your crew trustworthy? This business has a reputation for having people who look to take advantage of producers who end up being forced to spend over budget due to lack of proper planning. There are some very dishonest people in this business who don’t have your best interests in mind. Over pricing, phony receipts, kick backs, bribes, and general fraud are common occurences in the film business when there is lack of supervision. Don’t leave your hard earned money in the hands of directors, production managers, cameramen, and other members of the cast and crew. Don’t become the next victim. The truth about Sri Lankan cinema is that most film producers have lost money making films… They have gone over budget and lost their investment because they have not considered some or all of the following factors:

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