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Airflow Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
14/2/C, Galpotta Road, Athurigiriya,
Sri Lanka.
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Airflow Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
About Us
Air is the most important source of Our Llife.The environment with pure, comforting and refreshed air is a bless. Our mission is to provide you the deserved comfort through modern, effective and efficient ventilation solutions by introducing the latest and environmental friendly technology available.

Airflow Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, is the leading provider of mechanical ventilation, climate control, heating, extraction, air purification & treatment solutions for commercial, industrial & domestic applications in Sri Lanka. We have established partnerships with some of the leading and renowned manufacturers from around the world to provide our customers the best solutions to match every need or specification. Our team of qualified, skilled and experienced engineers are capable of handling projects of any scale and are backed by a level of competence and service quality that has earned the respect and reputation amongst the HVAC engineering profession both locally and internationally as well.

Our Services
We in corporate our range of fans for the following Applications to ventilate mechanically.
Car park
Stair case pressurization system
Toilet extraction system
Kitchen ventilation system
Smoke, Fume, and Dust extraction system

The environment where high humidity and lower temperature required we propose the above system. These systems consume very low energy compare to the Air Conditioners use with refrigerants.

The ESP are to be incorporated with vapor mechanism which generates oil vapour to the atmosphere. The electrically charged cells of the ESP will remove the oil vapour and discharge clean air to the atmosphere. We commonly use this for Kitchen exhaust systems.

It’s capacity depends on prevailing outside wind velocity and air exchange rate of the building through the roof. It adequate fresh air inflow opening available on the walls. This unit will very effectively with maximum air displacement. The best advantage is no electrical part required. Most suitable applications are

Garment or Manufacturing plants
Compressor Room

This sleek designer chimney cooker hood from Stoves will add a contemporary touch to your kitchen. With simple functions this hood features a decorative chrome rail for an extra stylish touch.

The first fabric diffusers in history were used in the Food Industry. There are perfectly clean after washing and the disinfecting agent also destroyed what resist the antibacterial treatment further we are using Garment Showroom and Other Showrooms required different color combination with fabric duct. It is cheaper and easy installation compare to the rigid ducting system.

VAV diffuser series helps optimize comfort in individual zones. Is uses thermal actuators to sense room air and adjust airflow into the space to satisfy room load. All diffusers feature an architecturally appealing solid plaque design and high performance control linkage. Designed for simple, roomside maintenance, the plaque can be opened to allow easy access to temperature set point dials, and to make adjustments to minimum airflow.

Energy recovery wheels commonly called heat wheels offer the most effective air-to-air energy recovery technology. Recovering both sensible (heat) and latent (moisture) energy, Energy Recovery Wheels are fast becoming the most popular energy recovery components in the industry. The later is easy to understand when considering the very fast payback resulting from its outstanding effectiveness.

Our range of systems caters for any size or installation requirement. We are able to tailor your package to meet both budget and performance. Our dust control system design is of the highest standard and offers efficient environmental dust control. Please take a look at our dust extraction system range and call us to help you assess your requirements.

All you need to make your vehicle workshop clean, safe and efficient

Vehicle exhaust and welding fumes, dust from sanding and grinding, oil spillage and untidy hoses – these are just some of the hazards in vehicle repair workshops, car inspection stations and alike. A prosperous business with a high-quality image is a question of a safe, tidy and well-organized workshop. AirFlow has cost-effective products and complete system solutions for vehicle exhaust extraction, on-tool dust extraction and on-torch wleding fume extraction.

Diesel exhaust is now classified in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, mustard gas, alcohol and tobacco. Extract these hazardous diesel fumes efficiently with AirFlow vehicle exhaust extractors.

Air Flow grilles are designed by a skilled engineering staff using the latest technology and are tested by the most current industry standards and methods. Grilles typically direct air out of a duct nearly the same size as the opening. Airflow offers a wide variety of grilles to ensure flexibility for architects and engineers.

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